środa, maja 30, 2012

Google Picasa is schizophrenic girlfriend which will turn your life into hell

Enough. After many years of collaboration with Picasa desktop application I have lost my patience completely. I must be very careful, watch my every step, otherwise I will loose everything. My photos, my life and even my phone contacts. Do you wonder why some cold piece of bits reminds me schizophrenic girlfriend? Here is my favorite symptoms list:
  • "Oh, look at that sand. I see face there." "It is not a face, it is a hole in sand." "Noooo, it's a face, look!" - She see faces everywhere. Fences, sand, snow. Plush toys. It is getting worse and worse. On the other hand, she seems to not see some faces. "Look, it's my face." "Noooo way, it does not look like face!" "Look again!" "Nope." 
  • She can freeze in their own minds for minutes. "Hello, are you there. Can you hear me?" ... "What did you say? I wasn't listening!" It is happening to me all the time. 
  • Multiple personality disorder. Currently I have three or four the same contacts, with the same e-mail on my persons list. Why? I don't know why. She seems to be incapable to merge them into one. If I remove one of them it will came back after tag import from web albums. Just like that. "Oh look, it's Johny, and Johny with Johny." "Nope, it's just Johny." "Nooo way!" 
  • It is getting worse, when she is mad. Don't trust her, don't let her manage your contacts. I have remove once all duplicated persons from albums and the person with e-mails were removed from everywhere - gmail, phones and calendars. "You want me to forgot about the second Johny? All Johns are gone now. Who is John?" 
  • Nicknames! Bloody nicknames. If your person have a nickname (and you don't want to tag it with full name on public pictures) it is doable, but it cannot be changed. "I know that it is TheMin, but it's Johny and Johny is TheMin. I will not name it TheMin, because it's Johny!" You cannot argue with that!
  • She does not know where she came from and she does not now how to go back there. I don't know how it is done, but if you darken some picture, then reverse this change, picture will be have more light that it got before darkening. Almost all filters and effect leave marks on pictures.
  • You should be very careful when you talk to her, one innocent word and everything go into pieces. Pressing ALT + A which insert one of the most popular polish "funny" letters (ą) will remove end in mistake whole picture title removal. "Honey, where are my glasses?" "How did you call me? You bastard!"
I have trusted here on ton's of gigs of pictures. I don't know if she won't burn them some day. I always have backup with all pictures. I'm prepared for the worst, and I know that it will come, soon or later. 

You have been warned, prepare or die.